Literary Collection

February 1st 2018

Luisa Grande Lomelino, a

It is the first news starting out 2018 in what concerns the project Aprender Madeira: the literary collection “Madeira a Conhecer” will be available online from next March. It is a set of works in e-Book format that will externally complement the thematic area of Literature inserted in the Encyclopedic Dictionary under construction, in partnership with CLEPUL Center of Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures of the Faculty os Letters of the University of Lisbon.

In the course of the investigation carried out in the field of Literature by a group of researchers linked to the task of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Madeira, it was verified the need to make known to the public and to value authors and works that, for several reasons, have fallen into oblivion. Authors among which Alfredo de Freitas Branco, the Viscount of Porto da Cruz, Luísa Grande Lomelino (Luzia), Humberto Passos Freitas, João Reis Gomes and Manoel Caetano Pimenta de Aguiar among others, whose among others, whose generic themes range from travel literature, to satirical novels, to theatre and diaristic.

The relevance of the knowledge of Madeira's literary heritage to a renewed view of literature in the archipelago and to Portuguese literature as a whole is the basis of the proposal for an online edition of these authors and works, aiming to help readers to access works that they would not find elsewhere, some of them difficult to access and others that are only found in few copies in libraries or in private collections, also means a possibility for future research and studies, making available bibliography, data and primary sources for students, teachers and researchers in the area, as well as disseminate to the general public an important collection for literature and culture, for the history of reading and the book in Madeira and about Madeira. Each work will also include each author's biography and critical study as well as commentary by scholars.

From the next month of March on the next works and authors will be available at "21 Dias de Bote", by Humberto Passos Freitas; "O Ferreiro", by Domingas Augusta da Câmara; "Diário de Nápoles a Jerusalém", Celina Sauvayre da Câmara; "O Cura de S. Lourenço", by Maria do Monte Santana e Vasconcelos, the Viscountess of Nogueiras and by Luzia, literary pseudonym of Luísa Grande Lomelino, "Almas e Terras por Onde Passei".

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