DG Artes awards MADEIRADiG for 2018


The MADEIRADiG festival is one of the fifteen projects that will be funded by the General Directorate of Arts under the program of support to the Programming and development of audiences in 2018, being the only event produced in Madeira to be funded. This line of support is intended for projects whose activities are developed mainly in the national territory, in the field of Programming, and may also contemplate the development of publics. Among other objectives, the projects are designed to promote the participation and qualification of communities and audiences in various fields of artistic activities. In total, 15 projects will be supported in the following artistic areas: the disciplinary crossing and music stand out, supportting 5 projects each, in the new media will be financed 2 projects and in the plastic arts, photography and theater, 1 project by area. MADEIRADiG was granted a support of 40,000 euros.

Held since 2004 by APCA and since 2009 in partnership with the German agency Digital In Berlin and the hotel Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and with the support of MUDAS - Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira, MADEIRADiG application reached a score of 86.1%, being included in the rol of the supported projects, a decision based on the "high artistic quality" of the event, being classified as an "emergent and innovative project that is concerned with encouraging the appearance of a set of local projects" , with a "well-defined and structured programming through a pertinent balance between prominent artists and emerging artists that shows a diversity of approach to electronic and experimental music", can be read in the text of the final evaluation of the application and regarding the impact of participation in the event, the appraisal committee considered that "the project has a great relevance for the place where it is carried out and seeks with this to dynamize the region in some way, giving it international visibility. "

The 15th edition of MADEIRADiG takes place between next November 30 and December 3 in MUDAS museum and Estalagem da Ponta do Sol. Tickets for the event are on sale at the festival's website www.madeiradig.com or, alternatively, at the venues during the days of the event. Among the names already announced to date are Rui P. Andrade, Aires and Ana da Silva, as well as Japan's Phew, Maja Osojnik and Eric Chenaux.

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