MADEIRADiG wins grant from DGARTES


The MADEIRADiG International Music and Digital Arts Festival was once again "contemplated" by the General Directorate of Arts of Portugal, this time in the scope of the project support program, in what concerns programming and audience development activities and projects, whose application period lasted until July 2019, with a final decision pronounced last November 29.

Last year’s edition, which format was reformulated - extending itself in time and opening space for diverse artistic expressions, as well as welcoming in its program artists who are members of the local creative sector - was the only application supported in the New Media field, reaching a 83.50% score and accessing to the 40 000.00 Euros funds level. "In the areas of programming and audience development, 17 projects were supported within a 500,000 euros budget frame", can be read at DGARTES website, continuing: "These projects, whose activities will also be developed mainly in national territory, include cycles, exhibitions, festivals, among other types of projects managing the cultural offer in a given space and time. Support is given to 5 projects in the field of music, 3 projects in the field of arts and 3 projects of disciplinary crossings, 2 projects in the field of dance and 1 project in each of the following artistic areas: contemporary circus and street arts, photography, new media and theatre.

As a whole, it includes projects that are emerging and boosting the arts sector, which contribute to the diversity of the artistic offer in the country and promote and value community participation, social inclusion, good accessibility practices, and the educational and cultural awareness dimension. Among the objectives of public interest to be achieved, it is also important to highlight the valorisation of artistic research and experimentation as innovative practices of development and knowledge, being this framework in which MADEIRADiG is located, an international event that promises to return at the end of autumn 2020.

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