SABOREA - meeting of regional partners


The second meeting of the regional partners within the project SABOREA - Gastronomic and Sustainable Tourist Destinations was held on February, 3rd in Madeira. The event took place at APCA headquarters where all partners attended, namely ACAPORAMA, ACIF-CCIM, UMa - University of Madeira and DRT - Regional Directorate for Tourism.
The agenda included themes such as the definition of gastronomic routes in the regional territory and, in this context, the definition of local partnerships and the distribution of activities.

The first routes representing the gastronomic heritage of Madeira and Porto Santo were defined. These will look for the hidden potential of the products produced on the island, raw materials that value and preserve the regional cultural heritage, including products considered to be emerging and returning to Madeiran cuisine.

Covering different themes and areas, gastronomy being the main one - linked to the landscape, tangible and intangible heritage, music and literature, creating a network of History and Heritage. The SABOREA - Gastronomic and Sustainable Tourist Destinations project will create eight Sustainable Gastronomic Tourist Routes alongside other activities such as studies, seminars, publications and a gastronomic festival. The project runs until October 2022.

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