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APCA opens Tratuário Gallery with 'Monsters' by António Aragão

February 15, 2024

Os Monstros de António Aragão

Tratuário is the name of the gallery that APCA - Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture will officially open on March 14th at 6 pm, at number 119 Rua da Carreira. The commitment to opening this gallery takes place with the inauguration of the exhibition “Os Monstros” by António Aragão, an exhibition that portrays the Madeiran artist’s last collection of paintings painted in 1992.

This collection includes twelve paintings acquired by APCA Madeira, with the addition of another under the supervision of the Casa da Cultura de Santa Cruz / Quinta do Revoredo, on loan to APCA, thus complementing the exhibition.

Working in the areas of scientific and cultural knowledge, but also technological, APCA Madeira has been conceiving and developing numerous projects, and its evolution fits, from a more general perspective, in the development of cultural associations and the cultural sector and Madeiran creative registered in recent decades.

Tratuário will therefore be a multidisciplinary gallery, which will host various types of cultural activities, such as: exhibitions, concerts, workshops, plays, shows or cinema. Opening on March 14th and opening on the 15th, opening hours will be Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

“Monters” by António Aragão is the first exhibition in the space and can be visited until May 24th.

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