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APCA declared a Public Utility Institution

May 8, 2019

Logotipo APCA

Resolution nº 256/2019 was published in the Official Gazette of RAM, declaring the Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture to be of public utility, a private non-profit association founded in 2005 as an instrument for the promotion, dissemination and cultural development of the Atlantic Islands and Regions .

The statement now published in JORAM, decided in plenary by the Governing Council of RAM on May 2, 2019, is seen by APCA officials as an incentive to the activity and projects that are being carried out, but which also cover the various partnerships that have been established at a regional, national and international level, but also as a responsibility and a bar to be maintained and raised to other more ambitious levels of achievement.

Since 2005, APCA has been in several areas of action, namely in the areas of scientific and cultural knowledge, but also technology, it has conceived and developed projects, it has become an executive producer and partner of several executives from the Atlantic island space.

In the area of knowledge, APCA is currently developing the project LEARNING MADEIRA ( This project aims to update encyclopedic knowledge about Madeira and its main objective is to increase the community's historical literacy. This project included around 540 authors and researchers from more than 10 countries and 12 international universities.

In the field of organizing events of a cultural nature, being the most visible face of the activity for the public, emphasis should be given to the fact that APCA has been producing the MADEIRADiG Festival for 15 years, the most lasting and uninterrupted of its kind in Portugal, considered a reference national in the field of cutting-edge digital music and internationally recognized, being therefore a cultural poster capable of attracting external audiences and publicizing the tourist destination Madeira in its cultural and creative aspect, all aspects that contributed to the granting of support to the event in 2018 by the Direcção Geral das Artes, which for the first time extended support in the areas of programming and public development to the Autonomous Regions.

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