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Launched on October 13, 2021, is a pilot project co-funded by the European Union that offers funding opportunities for artists and cultural organizations from the Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories. 

Taking into account the specific contexts and needs of the cultural and creative sector in the Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories, a consortium of three partners developed the Institut français, the Association of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA) and the Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency (APCA).

Bandeira União Europeia

The project seeks to enhance the rich cultural heritage, promote artistic creations and support cultural exchanges through the mobility of professionals. Therefore, financial support for cultural projects and initiatives will be provided through  a series of calls for projects in order to: 

  • Safeguard, promote and support intangible cultural heritage;

  • Improve cultural dialogue and exchanges between the Outermost Regions of the European Union and the Overseas Countries and Territories;

  • Disseminate cultural and creative works from the outermost regions of the European Union and overseas countries and territories through mobility;

At the end of the project, a report will be presented to the European Commission, including the respective results and recommendations.

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