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Ben Yosei opens the MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS 2024 cycle

Februrary 27, 2024

ben yosei

Ben Yosei | MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS © Miguel Apolinário

Ben Yosei, artistic name of Rafael Trindade, inaugurated, last Friday night (23/02), the cycle of MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS for 2024.

Organized by APCA - Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture, in partnership with Colectivo Casa Amarela, three more sessions are planned for March, June and September, preceding the festival dates in December.

Ben Yosei performed live, at Rua da Carreira 119, future Galeria Tratuário, with some songs from his latest album entitled "Lagrimento", released last year.

And because MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS also invests in training, the following day (24/02), an open conversation took place with the Portuguese artist, moderated by Bruno Pereira from Colectivo Casa Amarela, in which the theme of "devotional music" was discussed. from your disk and route.


It should be remembered that MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS result from an urban extension of the festival to Funchal, in order to focus on attracting, training and developing audiences to enjoy digital arts, particularly electronic and experimental music.

MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS have the support of DG Arts - General Directorate of Arts, within the scope of sustained support for programming projects in the area of disciplinary crossover in the field of New Media, as well as the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, through the Directorate Regional Culture.

ben yosei

Ben Yosei | MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS © Miguel Apolinário

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