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Exhibition "What is Watt?" heads to Machico after passing through Porto Santo

April 18, 2024

What is Watt no Porto Santo

"What is Watt?" no Porto Santo | © Miguel Apolinário

The exhibition “What is Watt?” written by António Barros, António Dantas, Carlos Valente, Celeste Cerqueira, Evangelina Sirgado de Sousa, Hugo Olim, Pedro Pestana and Silvestre Pestana, returns to the island of Madeira, after passing through the island of Porto Santo, heading to the Municipality of Machico.

Therefore, with the organization of APCA - Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency, “What is Watt?” continues to Fórum Machico, with the opening scheduled for May 2nd at 6 pm. The moment will be marked with the screening of the documentary “What is Watt?” directed by Hugo Olim. Forum Machico hosts the exhibition during the month of May.


Remember that the exhibition What is Watt? inaugurated the 19th edition of the MADEIRADiG festival - International Festival dedicated to electronic and experimental music, in December last year, at the John dos Passos Cultural Center, and continued at the beginning of this year, starting in the Municipality of São Vicente. At the moment, it is at the Porto Santo Cultural and Congress Center and can still be visited until this Friday, April 19th. Machico is, therefore, the third crossing point of the exhibition through the Region.

What is Watt? is an interdisciplinary artistic project whose genesis is the promotion and exploration of different languages of artistic expression in which electricity is the guiding thread, both in the execution and presentation of the works. Since 2001, this project has brought together a group of artists, mostly from the island of Madeira, with an artistic practice of a technological nature. The aim is to achieve two main vectors: on the one hand, to establish the creative heritage with a strong Madeiran flavor in the field of new media and experimental poetry, and on the other, to offer the public the opportunity to rediscover the project that has already celebrated more than 20 years, through the establishment of a new traveling exhibition.

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