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Logotipo Saborea Madeira

SABOREA Madeira is a project supported by the INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 Program that consists of rescuing, reviving and promoting the gastronomic and cultural ties of the Espaço Atlântico Madeira, such as the origin of the dishes, products, techniques, among others. The project consists of designing a Master Plan to position Macaronesia as a gastronomic tourist destination, thus generating positive impacts in the participating territories at an economic, territorial, environmental and social level.

Uvas - gastronomia

The exchange of knowledge will allow the generation of an Atlantic cuisine of its own, with a shared core, with a view to enhancing relations between entities and professionals and enriching gastronomy.


SABOREA is led by the Cabildo Insular de Lanzarote and several partners in Madeira, Azores, Mauritania and Senegal. At RAM level, partners are the Regional Directorate of Tourism, the University of Madeira – Uma, the Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal - Madeira Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACIF-CCIM), the Association of Casas do Povo of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (ACAPORAMA), and the Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency (APCA Madeira).

The project proposes a set of gastronomic routes taking you on a journey through the Madeira Archipelago, in order to discover the culture and gastronomic heritage of the island.

Cartaz Rotas Saborea Madeira
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