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Discover the detailed program of the MADEIRADiG 2023 festival

From November 30th to December 5th between Calheta and Ponta do Sol

November 27, 2023

madeiradig 2022

Gabriel Ferrandini | MADEIRADiG 2022 © Miguel Apolinário

The MADEIRADiG festival kicks off this Thursday, November 30th, for another edition of a festival that promises a highly diverse set of artistic proposals representative of different sensibilities and artistic currents.

The activities will take place between the John dos Passos Cultural Center, the auditorium of MUDAS - Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Madeira and the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, with the prestigious after sessions taking place in the latter.

The John dos Passos Cultural Center will host the opening of the exhibition 'What is Watt?' on November 30th. at 6 pm, which will be evident throughout the festival, until December 5th, and at 9:30 pm the opening concert led by Aires & Canadian Rifles with the presentation of the CAGARRA project, thus opening the series of concerts of this 19th edition.

Then the usual format follows; From the 1st to the 4th of December, the concerts take place in the MUDAS auditorium, followed by the after sessions at the Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, led by Nuno Barcelos.

On December 5th at 9:30 pm, we returned to the John dos Passos Cultural Center for the closing concert led by Mario Batkovic, closing this year's program.

(Below is the detailed schedule).


For concerts at MUDAS, it is still possible to purchase tickets on the event's official website for the price of €20/day ticket. The detailed program can also be consulted on the same website or on APCA Madeira's digital platforms.

Access to the John dos Passos Cultural Center is free, depending on the space's capacity, and at Estalagem da Ponta de Sol all you need to do is bring a ticket to MUDAS to gain access to the prestigious after sessions.

It is worth remembering that the MADEIRADiG festival has a partnership with the cultural agency Digital in Berlin, which allowed the internationalization of the event, attracting audiences from Northern Europe and making MADEIRADiG one of the events in the Region with an impact on Cultural Tourism, to the extent that more than 80% of the audience is made up of foreign spectators. Organized by APCA - Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture, it also has the support of the Portuguese Republic / General Directorate of Arts, within the scope of the support program for projects in the field of programming and development of audiences in the area of New Media, as well as from Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, through the John dos Passos Cultural Center and MUDAS - Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira.

Detailed schedule:

Programação do Festival MADEIRADiG 2023
Programação do Festival MADEIRADiG 2023

More information:

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