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eGames Lab is a national cluster established in Portugal (Madeira, Azores, Lisbon and Évora) with close ties and cooperation with Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA), and AmazonWebServices (AWS) GameTech in London (UK), as well as as with industry players and game hub consultants in Copenhagen (Denmark).

In a global economy marked by the pandemic and threatened by a new belligerence, eGames keep us continuously connected by sharing experiences, allowing positive changes in behavior and making known more about history, climate change, humanities and arts._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_This vision of transforming games as the new default entertainment medium for our millennium led this consortium to establish a new national cluster for the true development of a long-awaited eGames industry in Portugal. The consortium has formal backing from key industry leaders such as Sony Playstation, Dell's Alienware and Singapore's EnjinStarter Launchpad (Fig. 1). The consortium will also work with the prestigious University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and the famous HitLab (one of the best Virtual Reality laboratories in the world). 

Consola de jogos - PlayStation

In this project, APCA will research multimedia narrative structures generated by the AI storytelling engine developed in WP3, working together with partners WOW, FAPPTORY and WALKME. APCA will define and deliver a set of specific use cases for testing, namely educational eGames, performance work and learning audience researchers, in order to define metrics to help market reach by Consortium members.

A set of scientific and technological skills is encompassed and guarantees the participation of co-promoters from different origins and regions who will ensure the necessary mechanisms and procedures for an effective transfer and exploitation of the project's results.

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