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Logotipo Transgression

TRANSGRESSION art + technology ​is based on the need to make the transition from analogue art to digital art, to provide the possibility of digitizing analogue material for its dissemination and conservation and to provide new possibilities for creation in reconciling two worlds to merge in a new one.

The project aims to be an encounter with transgressions from various fields and the vision of each of the different artists selected through an Open Call, who present different transgressions, from the form of visualization in the digital sphere, always seeking in their development the formal connection between art and technology, but interacting with "analogue" entities linked to the cultural heritage of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. The project will have three distinct phases:

1) Thematic curation and launch of an Open Call to select artists to present their artistic intervention proposals;

2) Hosting artists in residencies for the development and mediation of audiences with selected "analogue" entities;

3) Exhibition of works produced in conjunction with individual stages; ​

Banner Transgression

The selected artists will present various themes, concepts and questions posed by their works, presenting different forms of narrative through processes of multiple error languages or new technological processes, the product of different defects in digital and analog devices that give us incomplete or transformed, as well as new image and sound generation processes.

Remember that TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR2 2023/2024 has the support of DG Arts - General Directorate of Arts and the Portuguese Republic - Culture.​

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