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MADEIRADiG, adult and eclectic, returns with its 18th edition

December 18, 2022 

The MADEIRADiG festival returned with its 18th edition, offering 5 days of unique experiences for lovers of digital music between Casa das MUDAS, Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and Centro Cultural John dos Passos. The concerts took place, as usual, at Casa das MUDAS, followed by after sessions at the Estalagem da Ponta de Sol.

Line-up MADEIRADiG 2022

With the launch on December 8th,   Madeiran Pedro Pestana   with the TrenGo! Soundsystem opens the program at Centro Cultural John dos Passos,   adding visuals by video artist Rodrigo Pereira. On the same day, the audiovisual installation “LEAVY WEFT” by Hugo Olim is inaugurated, with music by Vítor Joaquim who, with Hernando Urrutia, completes the set of participations with regard to the audiovisual installations shown this year during the event.


Richard Skelton, Luciano Chessa and Charo Calvo inaugurate the MUDAS stage, this being the only night that offers three concerts, and Switchdance - Visuals by Mário Lopes opens the after sessions track at Estalagem da Ponta de Sol.

From the 10th to the 12th of December, the format of the program remains. Two concerts per night at MUDAS, by renowned names such as Alison Cotton, Phew, Sofie Birch, Raven Chacon, Gabriel Ferrandini and Bob Ostertag. The after sessions were marked by performances by Rue Oberkampf – live act, MIMI, Oscar – Visuals by Glitch Visuals, Friends Night, Gitte Feeling & Carbonid Solo and Ani Kcam.


See the photo gallery of the 18th edition of the festival.


The festival thus maintains a balance between world-renowned and emerging artists, as well as integrating local artists and activities with the public.

MADEIRADiG, which continues to rely on partnerships with Estalagem da Ponta do Sol and the Digital in Berlin agency, as well as the support of the Regional Directorate for Culture through MUDAS and the John dos Passos Cultural Centre, is also supported by DGARTES, within the scope of the support program for projects in the field of programming and public development, in the area of New Media.

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