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Minister of Culture  visited APCA as part of the "Culture we are" program

March 27, 2023 

Pedro Adão e Silva, Minister of Culture, visited APCA – Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture, on the morning of last Saturday, March 25th, as part of his trip to the Region for the “Culture that we are” program, a journey that will meeting various cultural and artistic projects supported by the Ministry of Culture. The minister thus got to know not only the facilities, but also the entire team and the work that has been developed by APCA, not only at an artistic but also scientific level.

Ministro da Cultura na APCA

Equipa APCA com Pedro Adão e Silva © Miguel Apolinário - APCA

It is worth remembering that APCA is supported under the Sustained Support Program of the Directorate-General for the Arts (DG Arts), making it one of the oldest entities in Madeira to receive this funding. One of the topics discussed during the meeting was the fact that APCA is an entity whose funding sources are very diverse, as support from DG Arts represents only 18% of its budgetary universe.

Working in the areas of scientific and cultural knowledge, but also technology, APCA Madeira has designed and developed numerous projects. Its evolution fits, from a more general perspective, with the development of cultural associations and the Madeiran cultural and creative sector recorded in recent decades, growth partly sustained by private partnerships and between the public and private sector. APCA, like the sector in general, has opportunities for growth in the short term, in order to continue the projects mentioned above and challenge its current limits in the strict understanding of the benefit of the community.

Ministro da Cultura na APCA

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