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Our Mission

The Agência de Promoção da Cultura Atlântica (APCA) is a non-profit organization governed by private law, based in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, founded in 2005 with the purpose of contributing to the development and dissemination of Knowledge, Culture and Arts of the Atlantic islands in the widest possible geographic scope.

Since then, APCA, acting in the areas of scientific and cultural knowledge, but also technology, has conceived and developed projects, constituted an executive producer and partner of the Regional Government of Madeira, among other public and private partnerships, included in its structure initiatives developed by accredited technicians, another consequence of the collaboration with the Regional Government of Madeira, and it hosted internships for higher education students. The model based on the network concept characterizing APCA's action had as an immediate consequence the implementation of several initiatives.

APCA's contribution to society is also made by providing the accumulated experience in cultural management, including the necessary financial aspect, to training projects. Among these, the NAVE stands out, prepared by a Master's student in Cultural Management, from the University of Madeira, but the contribution of APCA in this aspect and in other internships carried out within the scope of professional technical education is also significant.


Our evolution fits, in a more general perspective, in the development of cultural associations and the cultural and creative sector in Madeira registered in the last decades, growth in part sustained in private partnerships and between the public and the private. At APCA, as at the sector in general, there are opportunities for growth in the short term, in order to continue the aforementioned projects and challenge its current limits in the strict understanding of the benefit of the community.

Management Bodies

(Elected at the General Meeting of October 16, 2020)

General Meeting

President: Rafael Duarte Pestana Figueira Santos 

Vice President: Nuno Carvalho Homem and Morna Gomes

Secretary: Isilda Maria Quintal Fernandes 

Administrative Council

President: João Maurício Tomás Gouveia Marques

Vice President: Rafael Paulo Candelária Gomes Biscoito 

Vice President: Leocádia José Remesso Ferreira 

Fiscal Council

Joao Paulo Afonso Rodrigues Videira

Miguel Angelo Nunes Apolinário

Sónia Maria Tomás Gouveia Marques 

The Team

Equipa da APCA

Project Management 

Sónia Marques

Helena Moniz Sousa

Production and Artistic Direction

Maria Fernandes

Communication Department 

Beatriz Oliveira

Maria Gouveia

Miguel Apolinário

APCA Madeira is a structure funded by:

Logotipo RP Cultura
Logotipo DG Artes
Logotipo PRR
Logotipo Interreg
Logotipo Comissão Europeia
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