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APCA promotes two artistic residencies through the TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR2 project

August 29, 2023

The Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency, through the TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR project, with the Direction and Curation of Hernando Urrutia (Artistic Director composed of the Artistic Director for projects in the areas of New Media and Digital Media-Arts of APCA), welcomes in simultaneously two artistic residencies in Funchal, through the open call for the Artistic Residency Program - PRA (2023-2024).

Winning artists:

- Malitzin Cortes (Mexico)

- Iury Lech (Spain)

In collaboration with the XARABANDA Musical and Cultural Association, Malitzin had the opportunity to hold his residency between the 19th and 24th of August, at its headquarters. The work to be developed by the artist was based on the collection and research of intangible heritage material, specifically sound, visual and audiovisual material, in addition to the different elements that the XARABANDA Musical and Cultural Association can facilitate, so that the residency allows develop the experimental audiovisual work, outside the context of the residency, without preventing visual, sound and audiovisual surveys that the artist deems necessary to be carried out online. Due to the importance of expanding intangible cultural heritage in new
formats, possibilities and experimental languages of new audiovisual narratives, this collaborative partnership is carried out with Xarabanda, to facilitate new possibilities of creation in the reconciliation of two worlds: the analogue and the digital, to merge into a new one.​

Iury Lech's residency will take place in September, with new features to be announced soon.

Find out everything about TRANSGRESSION art + technology here:​

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