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2 de abril de 2024

#7 edição das MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS aconteceu na Galeria Tratuário

City Sessions #7

MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS #7 © Miguel Apolinário

It was on March 22nd that the 7th edition of MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS took place, an urban extension of the international festival dedicated to electronic and experimental music. The activities began in the afternoon and continued until the evening, at the Tratuário Gallery.​

Following its usual format, and focusing on the training offer, Madeiran photographer Pedro Jafuno led a photography workshop aimed at concerts and shows, where he presented some of his work as a freelancer, in Lisbon, for various artists, concert halls and institutions.

Pedro Jafuno na #7 edição das MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS

Pedro Jafuno| MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS #7 © Miguel Apolinário

Xuri na #7 edição das MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS

Xuri | MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS #7 © Miguel Apolinário

In the evening, Xuri, stage name of Susanne Cleworth, presented her new album "Serene Trails", where organic sound exploration is explored, capturing the essence of nature and its peculiarities, while at the same time emphasizing the imperfections of reality in to the detriment of the artificial perfections of computing.

This album was released on March 22nd and invites the listener to a journey where the sounds of nature and technology come together in harmony, that is, where electronic instrumentation resonates with the unique sounds of nature, offering a captivating and musical experience. multidimensional.

MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS aim to attract, educate and expand audiences interested in Digital Arts, especially electronic and experimental electroacoustic music. It presents itself as an urban extension of the MADEIRADiG Festival, which takes place annually in December, attracting experimental music enthusiasts in large numbers on the west coast of the Region. The objective is to establish a connection with Funchal, the city where the festival originated, and strengthen ties with the local public.

It is worth remembering that CiTY SESSIONS are promoted by APCA - Agência de Promoção da Cultura Atlântica in partnership with Colectivo Casa Amarela, and has the support of DG Artes, within the scope of sustained support for programming projects in the field of New Media, and the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture.

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