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April 9, 2024

Art Travelers is the new project of APCA Madeira

Sonhos by Miguel Apolinário
Bolo de mel by Miguel Apolinário

© Miguel Apolinário

APCA - Agency for the Promotion of Atlantic Culture will launch, at the end of April, a new project, this time focused on gastronomic and cultural tourism. It's called “Art Travelers” and aims to be an exciting cultural project that invites you to discover the vast heritage of Madeira Island, through walking routes in the city of Funchal, based on the history of the place, aimed at Gastronomy, Music, Art, History and Architecture, emerging as a cultural dissemination initiative, which aims to explore and promote different types of cultural heritage, contributing to understanding between cultures and social development. During these routes, connections will be established with pop-up events of artistic expression, in close collaboration with the local artistic community, promoting arts and crafts and protecting and preserving culture and local collective identity.

The Conventual Sweets Route is the route that inaugurates the project, taking place every Friday, starting on April 26th, at 10 am. The route begins at the Santa Clara Convent, lasting three hours, and unveils the history of sweets practiced in the convents of the city of Funchal. Throughout these three hours, there will be moments of tasting convent sweets, with music and theater also included. The route ends at the Tratuário Gallery.

Tickets can be purchased online from April 12th:

It should be noted that the main objective of the “Art Travelers” project is to protect and promote the cultural heritage of the Region, disseminating culture through built and intangible heritage, highlighting its values, authenticity and legacy, and promoting genuine intercultural dialogue. In this way, the aim is to increase the number of visitors to the cultural sites involved, boosting cultural tourism, improving the quality of the content disseminated and increasing satisfaction with the Madeira destination.

More information on the project's official website:

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