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Iury Lech, transdisciplinary artist, at a conference to present his artistic residency

September 5, 2023

The Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency - APCA, through the project TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR2, will host an artistic residency from the 6th to the 8th of September, in partnership with the Associação de Teatro Experimental do Funchal - ATEF. The artist selected in the Artistic Residency Program-PRA (2023-2024) is called Iury Lech, of Ukrainian nationality, based in Spain, and his work at ATEF will begin with the collection and research of intangible heritage, specifically sound, visual and audiovisual .

In this context, a conference to present this artistic residency will take place on the 8th of September, at the Cine-Teatro de Santo António at 2pm, with Iury Lech, Maurício Marques, President of the Board of Directors of APCA, Hernando Urrutia, Director Artist and Curator of TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR 2 and actor Eduardo Rodrigues, President of the Board and Artistic Director of the Associação Teatro Experimental do Funchal - ATEF.

Entry is free to the general public. ​

Iury Lech

The Artistic Residency Program - PRA (2023 -2024) of the TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR 2 2023/2024 Project has the interest and need to make the transition from analogue art to digital art, to give the possibility of being able to digitize analogue material and to provide new possibilities for creation in reconciling two worlds to merge into a new one. Thus, the program encourages and motivates the creation of audiovisual works that present different transgressions, from the form of visualization in the digital sphere, always seeking in their development the formal connection between art and technology, but interacting with “analog” entities linked to cultural heritage intangible material from the Autonomous Region of Madeira. ​

About the artist:

Iury Lech (Spain) is a transdisciplinary digital artist descending from the Ukrainian diaspora and living in Spain since a young age, who developed his creativity working within the scope of video art, music and literature, being part of the few pioneers of the electronic and digital audiovisual scene Spanish artist who in the 80s/90s began to develop visual-aural performances and video art works. His video art works, for which he also composed the soundtracks, as well as his live performances, involve a multimedia scenario that, in addition to different image treatments, takes advantage of interactive technology and sensory immersion.

Transgression art + technology is promoted by APCA and has the support of DG ARTES - General Directorate of Arts and the Portuguese Republic - Culture.

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