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Vile Karimi was present at the #8 edition of MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS

July 10, 2024

It was on June 14th that Galeria Tratuário once again hosted MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS, this time with its 8th edition.


Already very well known by the participating public, due to its special format, this edition's programming began with a Plastic Expression Workshop inspired by the Madeira Dough Dolls, guided by Cristiana de Sousa, where the objective was to explore the contours of the Madeira dolls. mass of the island of Madeira through the use of alternative malleable materials, stories and other sharing about this legacy that was left to us so long ago.​

Oficina de expressão plástica com inspiração nas Bonecas de Massa da Madeira

 Oficina de Expressão Plástica com inspiração nas Bonecas de Massa da Madeira © Miguel Apolinário

In the evening, at 9:30 pm, it was Vile Karimi's turn to perform live, in a night in which, through his music, he took listeners to supernatural places of reflection and tranquility, with a unique fusion of ethereal textures, hypnotic rhythms and engaging melodies.

With around 15 thousand listeners and more than a thousand followers on Spotify, the artist has already released three albums: 'Womb Trails', 'The Holy Spirit Movement' and 'Safe From Harm', the latter released in 2024.


Vile Karimi | MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS #8  © Miguel Apolinário

MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS aims to attract, educate and expand audiences interested in Digital Arts, especially experimental electronic and electroacoustic music. It presents itself as an urban extension of the MADEIRADiG Festival, which takes place annually in December, attracting experimental music enthusiasts in large numbers on the west coast of the Region. The objective is to establish a connection with Funchal, the city where the festival originated, and strengthen ties with the local public.​

It is worth remembering that CiTY SESSIONS are promoted by APCA - Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency in partnership with Coletivo Casa Amarela, and has the support of DG Artes, within the scope of sustained support for programming projects in the field of New Media, and of the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture.

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