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7777 の天使 (Seven Angles) in the #5 edition of MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS ' 23​

July 26, 2023

Seven Angels

MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS are back this Saturday, July 29th, for another edition!

In this #5 edition we present the Portuguese duo 7777 の天使 (Seven Angels) at 10:30 pm at SOIRÉE Clubbing, in Beco dos Varadouros, Funchal.

The duo is made up of Swan Palace and DRVGジラ and explores music in a unique way, in a darker and celestial aspect, mixing musical sub-genres such as gabber and metalcore or trap and witch house music, also adding heavy auto-tune. With an aesthetic component strongly marked by the use of chains and ski masks, the Portuguese underground duo creates sounds and environments that refer to a more raw and divine aspect, evidently manifesting itself in its lyrical component. In 2019, they released their first EP entitled “Ski Mask Angels” and in 2021 their first album “Seven Angels” appeared, both with the German label Soul Feeder. The duo is also part of the European platform SHAPE+, dedicated to the vanguard of music and audiovisual arts, promoting the connection between artists, local communities and audiences through collaborative residencies, as well as occasional presentations and performances across Europe.

Following the usual format of the MADEIRADiG urban circuit, at 2:30 pm, an open conversation will take place in the same location under the theme "Cultural Curation and Mediation for the Vanguard", with the participation of Carolina Caldeira, cultural manager at Associação Fractal, and Rodrigo Costa, visual artist and responsible for the recently created Galeria Anona. This conversation aims to be an opportunity to reflect on how certain pre-established assumptions and concepts influence the capacity and availability of the community in general to enjoy Contemporary Avant-Garde Art in its various domains. Moderation will be in charge of Maria Fernandes, project manager at APCA Madeira.

Entrance is free to both activities, you just need to register here.


The MADEIRADiG urban circuit is promoted by APCA Madeira, in partnership with Colectivo Casa Amarela, also responsible for curating the activities.

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