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The 4th edition of the City Sessions of the MADEIRADiG'23 festival starts this Saturday!​

May 18, 2023

Loke Rahbek - DIg 2018

Loke Rahbek as part of Damien Dubrovnik - MADEIRADiG'18. © MF​

For the second year in a row, APCA once again presents the MADEIRADiG CiTY SESSIONS cycle starting this Saturday, May 20th, at the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (next to the Funchal Botanical Garden) from 11 am with the workshop “A Fantology and Experimental Music”, carried out by Bruno Pereira, also known as Aires, co-founder of Colectivo Casa Amarela. Bruno Pereira meets the concept of Fantology, from which he exemplifies the way in which musical composition and production techniques such as sampling, collage and sound decontextualization are inserted into his work, both solo and in collective projects. On the practical side, he will showcase his creative process with the collection and manipulation of field recordings and will end with a small performance.

At 9:30 pm it's the turn of Croatian Amor, artistic name of Loke Rahbek. Loke founded and runs the label Posh Isolation, an incubation platform for many artists from across Scandinavia and northern Europe, one of the most important and recognized labels on the European experimental scene. Locke is also half of the duo Damien Dubrovnik who were already part of the MADEIRADiG lineup for MUDAS in the 2018 edition.

Participation in the workshop on the morning of May 20th is free and freely accessible to the general public, simply by registering on the new CiTY SESSIONS website:

Remember that MADEIRADiG is a project promoted by APCA Madeira, which leads a network of festival partners and specifically for the CiTY SESSIONS with the micro publisher Colectivo Casa Amarela, with the support of the Presbyterian community of Madeira and co-financed by DGARTES in within the scope of the competition to support programming projects in the area of disciplinary crossover in the field of New Media as well as by the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture through the Regional Directorate of Culture and MUDAS – Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira.


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