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Archipel Conference brings international cultural entities to Madeira

September 17, 2022 

It was on the 13th of September that the conference to present the pilot project took place at Colégio dos Jesuítas, which brought international cultural entities to the Region. 

This session was attended by the Consortium partners: Institut Français, APCA – Agência dePromoção da Cultura Atlântica and OCTA – Overseas Countries and Territories Association, and their respective representatives: Maurício Marques, president of APCA Madeira, Madina Regnault (project manager of, Thierry D'Anna (chef de projet Développement, Pôle Partenariats européens) and Valerie Lesbros (responsible of the Pôle Culture et Partenariats solidaires) from the Institut Français.

Conferência na Madeira

The visit by the Consortium allowed not only the holding of the presentation conference, but also a set of internal activities from the visit to the São Tiago Fort to the exhibition by Teresa Gonçalves Lobo entitledFrom root to core in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

See in the gallery:

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